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Fat under the Chin

Learn About How to Get Rid of Fat under the Chin without Surgery

A double chin is a layer of submental fat under your chin area that can make you self-conscious about your physical appearance. It is universally hated as it can make you appear less healthy than you are and can distract from your other facial features. Most people seek a non-surgical approach, as surgery can lead to scars and other complications, which is not the price you want to pay to get rid of a double chin. So, if you are also one of those people that are looking for how to get rid of fat under the chin without surgery, then you need to add these things into your routine:


Tips how to Get Rid of Fat under the Chin without Surgery


Massage: Drinking a lot of water is always helpful as it helps flush out the accumulated toxins from your entire body, including your face. It also helps with weight loss and keeps your skin hydrated, which helps with skin elasticity.


Skincare:  Ageing is a natural process that causes your skin to lose its elasticity due to less production of collagen in your skin. It is also a possible cause of looping skin under your jaw. Certain factors can speed up your aging signs, such as excess sun exposure and consumption of alcohol. However, if you maintain proper skincare, you can maintain skin elasticity and firm loose skin under your jaw. You need a product such as moisturizers or serums packed with copper peptides, retinol, collagen, and green tea extract. Using these products leads to skin cell rejuvenation and can help with collagen production. Which, as a result, helps with skin firmness.


Healthy diet: If you want to know to get rid of fat under the chin without surgery, then the natural assumption is that your extra chin results from excess weight. If this is the case, you first need to maintain your diet, as it will help you lose weight and get rid of a double chin. You can eat smaller portions of food throughout the day. Eating less at each meal will also prevent you from snacking too often between meals, which is a cause of weight gain at times.

Moreover, you also need to increase your intake of fiber in your diet by adding more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Fiber will help you to fill up without adding extra pounds to your weight as it will take time to digest throughout the day. In addition, it does not cause spikes in blood sugar levels like refined carbs.


Green tea: Green tea is packed with antioxidants that will help you lose weight and can help reduce the size of your extra chin.

Hence, these effective home remedies can help get rid of fat under the chin without surgery. Start with changing your diet, building proper skincare, keeping yourself hydrated, and practicing facial massage daily. You need to be consistent with these to get effective results.